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Looking for a My Food Bag alternative? You've got plenty of options to choose from! Have you tried HelloFresh or Woop yet? Here are some great My Food Bag alternatives available in New Zealand.

My Food Bag Alternatives November 5, 2020Leave a comment

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There are so many food boxes available in New Zealand now that consumers have a good number of brands to choose from. My Food Bag has been around for the longest, so no doubt has the most customers and the customers who have been loyal to a brand for the longest.

Before we go any further, I’ve got a sweet deal to share for our top My Food Bag alternative:

⭐ Hello Fresh – 30% off discount link

But what about My Food Bag alternatives? There are a number of them available now, including HelloFresh and Woop. Let’s take a look at them, one by one…

My Food Bag Alternative #1 – HelloFresh

hellofresh nz

HelloFresh is one of the newest brands on the block. Although new to New Zealand, HelloFresh is actually a giant company operating in a handful of countries. HelloFresh is really trying to push hard into the New Zealand market, with prices similar to My Food Bag and some of the pushy salespeople hanging out at mall kiosks around the country.

Joining HelloFresh is easy. It takes a couple of minutes and you can do it online from their website. Just choose the food box you prefer, create an account, and enter your delivery address and payment information.

HelloFresh delivers to a HUGE number of areas around New Zealand, which you can see in our full HelloFresh review that we wrote recently. There are three HelloFresh boxes currently available:

  • Vegetarian – Completely vegetarian, but has the occasional dairy product
  • Classic – Great meals that feature a number of meat and seafood recipes regularly
  • Family – Meals designed for four people, and includes meat and seafood recipes

One of the main reasons I recommend Hello Fresh as one of our top my food bag alternatives is simply because they offer a great discount on your first delivery. Use this link to apply the discount.

Something else that makes Hello Fresh a great My Food Bag alternative is their app. I use it every week to check upcoming meals, pause boxes when I know I will be away, follow along on some recipes, and generally manage my account.

My Food Bag Alternative #2 – Woop

woop nz

Woop has been around for a while, but I haven’t seen as much of them as I have My Food Bag, or more recently HelloFresh. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means they have a smaller marketing budget (or prefer spending their budgets on customer service, or ingredients….or anything 😂)

I first saw Woop at the Auckland Home Show in 2018 where it was being pitched as a My Food Bag alternative, as the salespeople there clearly knew that their warmest leads were going to be those that already used a food box, and would be open to trying an alternative.

My Food Bag Alternative #3 – Bargain Box

bargain box review

Bargain Box probably should be the first My Food Bag alternative you consider, as it is a brand owned and managed by the team behind My Food Bag. However, if you are searching for an alternative because you had a bad experience with My Food Bag, probably look else ware 😂.

The Bargain Box has three options as seen below:

  • Mini – Feeds just two people, and provides either 3 or 5 meals. Cost starts at $10 per plate
  • Regular – Feeds four people, and provides either 3 or 5 meals. Cost starts at $6.65 per plate
  • Mega – Feeds six people, and provides either 3 or 5 meals. Cost starts at $5.60 per plate

As you can see, the more mouths you are feeding with food boxes, the cheaper the cost per serving becomes. Take advantage of this by using the dinner meals for your lunches the next day. If you are a couple, there is nothing stopping you ordering a food box that serves four people to keep the cost per serving down, then having the leftovers for lunch the following day.

My Food Bag Alternative #4 – Emma’s Food Bag

I’ve been tempted to add Emma’s Food Bag here for a while, but always decide not too as their website isn’t as polished as the other brands, and I don’t want to send my readers towards something I haven’t tried. Since I’m in marketing as my day job I think presentation is super important, and Emma’s Food Bag is lacking a little in the branding department.

But we aren’t here to judge the marketing, let’s take a look at what this food box delivery, and whether you should consider it as an alternative to My Food Bag.

Emma’s Food Bag delivery areas are currently limited to Auckland and Waikato, and Bay of plenty. Head to their website for more information on exactly where in these regions they deliver.

Why look at My Food Bag alternatives?

There are a number of reasons to shop around for an alternative to My Food Bag…

Delivery areas: You might be in an area where My Food Bag doesn’t deliver, so you need to hunt out the brand which does deliver to your area. If you’ve read our HelloFresh review you’ll see that they deliver to a large number of cities and towns within New Zealand, so if delivery areas are your issue then I’d suggest trying HelloFresh next.

Poor experience: We don’t hear many stories of people having a bad experience with My Food Bag, so we would be surprised if this is your reason for looking for a My Food Bag alternative. But if you have been burnt, whether it be by the quality of the ingredients, misplaced deliveries, or poor customer service, then you may be looking for an alternative option.

New recipes: Trying one of the alternatives to My Food Bag opens you up to experiences a whole new range of recipes. Each company will have their in-house chefs designing the recipes, and you’ll be able to experience the types of meals they like to create. I was with My Food Bag for 18 months before I paused it, and now have nearly 2 folders of My Food Bag recipes, so when I start up a new food box I’m looking forward to starting at square one again and getting to try a whole bunch of new flavours. The Woop meals I’ve seen recently look super enticing, but I think I’ll try HelloFresh first to see what all the fuss is about, then in 6 months time give Woop another try.

Less preparation: You may be looking for a food box that comes even more prepared, with vegetables already diced, or even be looking for something closer to a meal delivery service where the food simply needs five minutes of heating. If it is fully prepared meals you are looking for try Papagaio, JUK, plate up, EAT, FitFood, or Fed. For a food delivery service that comes with less prep, try Woop. Woop veges are already chopped and prepped ready for you! Our full Woop review will give you more insight into this awesome Kiwi food box.

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